About Us

Welcome to Woodard Cattle Company, where we're more than just beef enthusiasts – we're a tight-knit family dedicated to providing the highest quality, locally sourced beef products. Founded by Grady Woodard, our story began with just a few cattle during his high school years. With a passion for beef and a vision for excellence, Grady continued to grow the business while pursuing his Animal Science degree at Kansas State University.

Today, Grady works closely with his brothers and father in the day-to-day operations of Woodard Cattle Company. Together, they bring their combined expertise and hands-on approach to tending to the cattle, ensuring that each animal receives the utmost care and attention. Grady's dedication to quality is highlighted by his Beef Quality Assurance certification, a testament to his commitment to upholding the highest standards of animal welfare, environmental stewardship, and food safety throughout every stage of production. This certification ensures that our practices align with industry best practices, guaranteeing that our beef products meet the stringent criteria for quality and sustainability.

But it doesn't stop there. Behind the scenes, Grady's mother and sister-in-law play a vital role in handling billing and managing our website, ensuring smooth operations and excellent customer service.

Our process is rooted in family values and a commitment to excellence. We carefully select Angus cattle as weaned calves from trusted local ranchers, ensuring a natural, grass-fed upbringing that lays the foundation for exceptional flavor and quality. Under our care, these calves are finished on a grain diet to further enhance their tenderness and taste.

But our dedication to quality extends beyond just the selection process. Each batch of beef undergoes rigorous USDA inspection, guaranteeing safety and quality assurance at every step. We proudly partner with Krehbiel's Meat Locker in McPherson, KS, known for their expertise and dedication to processing excellence.

From pasture to plate, every aspect of our process is meticulously monitored to ensure that only the finest cuts reach your table. Taste the Woodard Cattle Company difference and savor the flavor of tradition, transparency, and trust in every bite.